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10% of all profits donated to charity

Our first organizations we’ve selected for our Jipsē Gives Back program are organizations very near and dear to our hearts. Bre’s cousin, Megan, lived with rett syndrome for the entirety of her 22 years of life. Rett syndrome is a brain disorder caused by a mutation on the X chromosome that occurs in 1 of every 10,000 female births. There is no cure for Rett syndrome.


From an early age, Megan suffered from regular seizures and medical complications. While her life was often an uphill battle, Megan’s parents recall, “we were blessed and thankful over and over again that at least we lived in a country where the medical professionals are some of the best in the world, education is free and tailored to individual needs, and Megan received the respect she deserved.”


During her high school graduation, her entire class gave her a standing ovation as she slowly but surely walked across the stage to accept her diploma. Megan lived a joyful life and was often found singing songs, laughing at anything silly, and even playfully pinching people! Bre’s cousin undoubtedly made an impact on those she surrounded.


After her passing in 2015, her family looked for ways to honor her beautiful life, keep her spirit alive and help other families in need. In Guatemala, healthcare and education are sometimes nonexistent and many handicapped children face significant discrimination. Megan’s family strives to plant a seed that acknowledges that all children, regardless of their mental or physical limitations, should be loved and cared for and granted opportunities to achieve their utmost potential.


The following two organizations are where their hearts and research led them:

San Bartolome is a public school located in  San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala. “Special education” was a brand new concept in Guatemala in 2015 and most handicapped children don't attend school due to a lack of resources. The Guatemalan public schools are over-crowded and tough on those with special needs. Over the last 2.5 years, Megan’s family has collaborated with the director of the school to identify and encourage students who are considered mentally or physically challenged. The school continues to accept and encourage disabled children, many with hearing or vision deficits, cerebral palsy, autism, and down syndrome. After fundraising, Megan's parents were able to purchase a van that provides free transportation for the students to ensure they make it to school every day.

Los Gozosos Joy Filled Homes is an orphanage located in the mountains of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. The town is in the middle of the fertile highland plains and is an important agricultural center. Many disabled children here are rejected by their families, and some are left at home each day while their parents go out and work. Some children are abandoned at a government hospital where they languish from the impersonal care. The orphanage brings these suffering handicapped children and abandoned infants in to their loving facility. Los Gozosos provides a secure environment with personal attention to each child’s individual needs. The children receive physical, speech, and occupational therapy, participate in English classes, and learn the local Mayan dialect.

Jipsē will split our proceeds in half -- giving 5% of total profits to the school and 5% to the orphanage.