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a member of a tribe found throughout the world who practices a wandering lifestyle and has no permanent home. Gypsies are believed to have originated in Northern India from the “untouchables” who migrated to Europe 1,000 years ago. While gypsies may be poor in monetary terms, they are overflowing in craft skills that have been passed down for generations.

gyp sy (noun)

what we believe

our products

Jipsē is dedicated to giving back to the artisan villages that create our one-of-a-kind products. The art of handmade crafts are rapidly dying, and we are passionate about preserving this art. 10% of all proceeds go back to an organization that we full- heartedly believe in. With each new collection, our philanthropic efforts shift. Follow our giving back page to find out more about these deserving communities.

All of the products available for purchase are designed to bring exotic global flare to your home or interior space. They’re either one-of-a-kind pieces that have been hand selected during our travels or original designs. Jipsē is always on site inspecting each piece before purchase. Many of our textiles are 100+ years old with stories of culture and tradition woven into each thread.

Bre Rockwell

founder & designer

Bre, founder of Jipsē, also works as an interior designer and creative consultant who travels often for inspiration. She dreamed of creating a brand that would bring together her passions: textiles, travel and culture, philanthropy, and sustainability. She states, “my vision was to create a brand that supported my aspiration to make a positive contribution to hard-working artisan villages through my design work. If you could only see the smiles of these  villagers or their children running free, you would understand where this brand originated.” Through her brand, Bre encourages releasing our creative spirits and living amongst color, pattern, and nature. Bre uses watercolor and sketching to document her designs, which are then created by the villagers with their ancient talents. To find out more about the design process and our travels, follow The Love & Adventure travel blog.

Daniel Rockwell

business coordinator

Daniel, the brains behind The Love & Adventure travel blog, is a community advocate with the goal of bringing voices to the voiceless people in our society. His goal is to combine both of his backgrounds, business and health, to empower those who have fallen through the cracks in our society. Thinking with a global perspective on issues our society faces such as education, economics, and health, Daniel believes that the future depends on people helping one another. He aims to develop lasting relationships with communities to support the preservation of their cultural crafts and traditions. Daniel realizes we are blessed to come from a privileged background; therefore, he aims to help others who have fallen behind based solely on their geographic location. At Jipsē, Daniel oversees philanthropic partnerships and manages the majority of the business.