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just the beginning

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

The moment we've been dreaming of is finally here! We have quit our jobs, packed up our belongings (mostly), sold our furniture, and packed our 35L backpacks. We will be boarding a one-way flight to India in three weeks! This lifestyle change is finally present, as we look around and see an empty apartment.

What brought us to this moment...

It's hard to pin point a certain event or moment in life when we decided we wanted something more, something abroad, something meaningful. Breanne was fortunate enough to study interior design in Florence, Italy in 2012. After getting a taste of freedom (and pizza and gelato), she knew traveling was something she wanted to pursue. We played with the idea of traveling for a few months after we got married. Somehow a few months morphed into a year or two, or three. Our travel plans were on hold until Daniel finished his education at Portland State University. Now that both of us have finished our education, we are more ready than ever to see where this journey takes us.

Why we're selling our belongings and leaving... It's so easy to become comfortable in our lifestyles in America. I think we're each on our own path and choose who we want to be, which is a beautiful thing to see. Many young adults in our country start careers, get married, and have kids. There are certain things we'd like to accomplish for the world prior to offering the world itself to any children of our own. We strive to be living examples of what it means to find your true north and follow it.

Daniel and I have always been free spirits. We moved from Denver to Portland over three years ago -- one of us without a job. While Portland has been an absolute pleasure, we strive to make a difference, teach English to children, and dive into the cultures of the world.

Our expectations for traveling...

"To me, traveling long term always seemed out of reach. Little by little, what started as a small dream has turned into a reality. On the road I hope our dreams flourish and the wind takes us where it will. There are many bucket list items that I have, but a few of them include: drinking chai in India, riding motorcycles along the entire coast of Vietnam - south to north, washing elephants in Thailand, taking yoga classes in India, eating all of the world cuisines, and gaining lots of other travel friends. Most of all, I want to immerse myself in other cultures and really get to know them by traveling slow. I desire to see things that my eyes could never have seen if I would have never embarked on this adventure. On the road I hope to volunteer and find ways to help others. There is so much to see and so much to do - all in the name of love and adventure." - Daniel

"This is a loaded question for me, since I'm trying to remain open minded without any expectations. I wholeheartedly trust that the universe knows the way and will guide us on our adventures. That being said, my greatest expectation is to learn and grow. I know we'll experience more ups and downs than we ever thought possible. I hope Daniel and I's experiences will enrich our lives for many years to come." -Bre


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