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The Mile High City is the perfect destination if you are looking for a vibrant metro with unique experiences. A destination for some of the best food, libations, art/culture, and interesting architecture. If you get tired of the city, outdoor experiences into the Rocky Mountains are a short drive away.

Denver is sunny year-round. In the winter it can be chilly and snowy but almost always sunny. In the summer it can be hot and dry. Fall and spring are both mild with plentiful sunshine.

Contrary to popular belief, Denver is not right in the Rocky Mountains. However, a short 20-30 min drive will get you there and mountain views are common all around Denver.

Denver Metro has a beautiful skyline with mountain views. The city itself has a lot of brick and industrial feel mixed with modern design. A wild mix of midwest and west coast design.

The food and drink scene in Denver is endless with options for everyone. Every type of world cuisine can be found. Everything from classy cocktail lounges to exploring one of the biggest brewery destinations in the world.

The music scene is huge in Denver and it has one of the most famous music venues in the world, Red Rocks Amphitheater. Everywhere you go, you will be accompanied by live music of every genre.

The arts and culture scene of Denver does not disappoint. Denver is a diverse and liberal city with many art museums and exhibits, interesting architecture, international food, and music festivals. 

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