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video: a road trip through sri lanka with tuktuk rental

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Join us on a tuktuk journey through the stunning landscapes and vibrant culture of Sri Lanka! We rented our tuktuk through Tuktuk Rental and had the time of our lives. Our subscribers get an exclusive discount when booking a Tuktuk Rental to explore Sri Lanka.

Use the code, THELOVE, when booking.

From the rolling hills of tea plantations to the pristine beaches, ancient temples and bustling cities, this country has something for everyone, and seeing it in a tuktuk is the best way to travel the country. Stay tuned for our full travel guides on our blog if you plan to take a road trip through Sri Lanka. We'll show you the must-see sights and hidden gems, share tips on where to eat, stay and explore, and give you an insight into the fascinating history and culture of Sri Lanka.

Come and discover the magic of this enchanting island for yourself! If you took the time to enjoy our video please subscribe, like, and comment with your thoughts. Your support means so much to us and enables us to keep traveling and creating content all around the world!

a road trip through sri lanka with tuktuk rental


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