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video: a christmas in sayulita, mexico

Back in 2013, I won a week-long trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico through work. Bre and I had only been dating for several months, but we both decided if we could travel together, then maybe we were meant for each other. Our trip was filled with adventure, culture, eating all the tacos and fresh fruit, and falling more in love with each other. Spoiler alert: we traveled well together.

As we approached the end of our trip, someone recommended we visit Sayulita -- a small town an hour north of Puerto Vallarta. Although we were enjoying our time in Puerto Vallarta, one early morning (Valentine's Day) we ate our delicious Mexican breakfast on the hotel rooftop, took one last swig of coffee, and made our way to the local bus which would take us to Sayulita. We fell in love with the little boho beach town that day. The streets were small and sandy, the colorful flags were waving in the wind, and the margaritas were bigger than our heads. We even tried some surfing that day. Despite being told by locals not to go over towards the rocks, I decided to ride my first wave and ended up with a broken toe after quite the crash!

Exactly three years later, we were touching down in Mexico once again for our honeymoon. This time, we jumped on the first bus to Sayulita where we spent the next week and a half fully immersing ourselves in the town we had fallen in love with. Sayulita's jungle-meets-ocean charm was more prominent than ever. The sleepy town woke up each night and turned into a party with a young spirit and fire-throwing street performers. One night, we were caught in a massive thunderstorm without power and spent hours outside watching fireflies light up all the hillside around us.

Now, three years after our honeymoon (do you see the pattern here??), we headed back to Sayulita for a new experience -- a tropical Christmas. This time Bre's family joined us in the tiny town. We had an unforgettable time showing her family around the town that stole our hearts and keeps us coming back. Although Sayulita's growth and popularity was evident at every corner, Bre and I still pictured the sandy streets and barefoot hippies we encountered six years earlier.

We hope you enjoy the quick 60 second video below. Sayulita, we'll see you in three years (likely)!

For the love & adventure, Daniel

P.S. The internet is filled with informational blogs about Sayulita, but feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific questions.


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