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video: bike tulum, mexico

Picture this: riding a rickety old bicycle in 90 degree heat, battling 75% humidity, struggling to keep the chain on your bike, your whole body drenched in sweat .... and then turning the corner and seeing a pristine white sand beach with inviting turquoise blue water. No one said biking in Tulum, Mexico is easy -- but worth it? One hundred percent.

We spent three full days biking around Tulum, Mexico to find the quietest beaches, the bluest cenotes, and the tastiest restaurants. After biking 40+ miles, we realized that Tulum is one of the best all-around beach destinations in Mexico. It's undoubtedly one of the most touristy beach destinations in Latin America (especially among the young adult crowd), BUT we have to say it's popular for a good reason. We enjoyed the Mayan Ruins, drinking beers on the public beaches, eating vegetarian fajitas nightly, the young spirit of the place, and cenote hopping to famous cenotes like the Gran Cenote. It is safe to say you will not be disappointed by a vacation to Tulum, Mexico! Our video below is a short preview of our time biking around Tulum that will leave you wanting to hop on a plane tomorrow (okay, maybe in 2021 post pandemic)!

Should you stay in Tulum Town or should you find a place to stay right on the beach? How long does it take to bike to the Gran Cenote? How much does it cost to see the Mayan Ruins? We have all the answers on our full bike Tulum, Mexico guide here.

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