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video: chichicastenango, guatemala central america's biggest outdoor market

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

We've had so many beautiful cultural experiences traveling the world, but we have to say, we didn't expect the market in Chichicastenango, Guatemala to be the intense experience it was.

It’s only a short journey from Lake Atitlán or Antigua and we think you MUST add this to your Guatemala travel itinerary. It's known as the largest market in all of Central America and quite possibly in the world. Immediately after getting off the bus and diving into the market, we were overwhelmed and overstimulated. However, by the time we returned to the bus to go back to the lake (veryyyy tired), our travel cups were full as we reminisced on locals going about their daily lives in such a raw and authentic way.

It was hard to capture the color and chaos of the streets, but we hope the clips inspire you to visit the “ChiChi Market” while in Guatemala. Even if you aren't headed to Guatemala anytime soon, we hope that you push yourself to dive deeper into a cultural experience next time you’re out on your travels. It’s always worth it and truly life changing!

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If you found your way here but haven't seen our Guatemala blog content yet, below are the links to our travel guides. Guatemala has long been on our bucket list and we had high hopes for the country. Find out if we loved it as much as we thought we would!

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