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what's in our backpacks?

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Daniel and I have had many, many questions regarding our backpacks -- what we packed, how much we packed, etc. This blog post is for you! Packing for a year was a daunting task at first, but came together without too much struggle after some research. I think Daniel had an easier time with packing than I did. I love color, flowing skirts, bold patterns, jewelry, and dresses way too much! I'm just not a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I had to keep reminding myself that we need versatile, simple clothing that can be adaptable to any atmosphere. Find out what we packed below.

Our Backpacks:

(2) 35L Tortuga Outbreaker Backpacks

(1) 12L Women's Electra Backpack (her name is Dora)

(1) 24L No Matter What Top Load Backpack

Daniel's Backpack

(5) short sleeve shirts

(2) tank tops

(3) pairs shorts

(1) pair swim trunks

(1) pair workout/sleep shorts

(1) long sleeve shirt

(1) pair of pants

(1) pair Lems tennis shoes

(1) pair Chacos sandals

(1) pair Birkenstocks sandals

(1) microfiber towel

(1) Buff headwear bandanna

(2) hats

(1) iPad Air

(1) book

(1) journal

(1) compass

(1) Canon 50mm lens

(1) Scrubba laundry bag

(3) Eagle Creek packing cubes

Not Pictured:

(1) Go Pro Hero 5

(1) hair trimmer

(1) first aid/medications bag

(1) Canon 7D camera

(3) pairs of socks

(7) pairs of underwear

Chargers and electronic cables

Breanne's Backpack:

(5) tank tops

(1) short sleeve shirt

(1) lightweight sweater

(1) packable raincoat

(1) duster/kimono

(2) dresses

(1) romper

(2) pairs shorts

(2) skirts

(2) pairs lightweight pants

(1) pair exercise pants/leggings

(2) swimsuits

(1) pair of Lems tennis shoes

(2) pairs Chacos sandals

(1) microfiber towel

(1) small bag of makeup/hair accessories

(1) small clear liquids bag

(1) headscarf

(1) small bag of jewelry

(2) pairs sunglasses

(1) pair reading glasses

(1) journal

(1) watercolor journal

(1) pencil/paintbrush bag

(1) bag gouache paints

(1) passport

(2) books

(1) chromebook

(2) iphone Moment lenses

Not Pictured:

(7) pairs underwear

(3) pairs of socks

(3) bras


necessary paperwork

Not Included:

I decided last minute to not bring the packable straw hat shown in the photo

Let us know if you have any questions regarding our load! We made it to New Delhi early this morning, sleep deprived, but anxious to explore more soon. Thank you for all of your love and support!

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